Nov 20, 2014

“BankCard Services’ Grow Together Program Presents Beneficiaries”

BankCard Services which provides retail business solution services to small business owners has always been trying to seek development and improvement between the Korean Community. In order to share and to grow together, BankCard Services has selected the beneficiaries for “Grow Together” program and started funding the organizations since July.

Since March, applications from non-profit organizations for have been received for the “Grow Together” program. Through a strict evaluation by a committee, 8 non-profit organizations have been selected. These groups are as follows: Hope Sight Mission Association, Home on the Green Pastures, Los Angeles Symphony, Korean American history Museum, Asian Women’s Christian Association, Inc., Duranno Father School USA, Korean American Coalition, and Milal Mission. These organizations are to be given a monthly installment or a one-time installment of donations based upon the size of the organization and their requested amount of donation.

In addition to financial support, the organizations will also receive BankCard Services’ products and solutions to effectively and conveniently operate the organizations. If the beneficiaries are to pay the usage fee, at least $500 per year will be given back as a part of the donation.

“As we all share effects of the poor economy, I thought that the availability of more proactive support was pertinent in order for our community to endure this difficult time together. Therefore, I started to expand the community contribution involvement early in the year,” stated Patrick Hong, the CEO of BankCard Services. He also added, “It is regrettable that we could not support all the non-profit organizations who submitted their application. However, I would like to send my regards and express my thanks to these organizations’ effort to serve and sacrifice for the good of the community.”

BankCard Services is actively contributing to the community through “Grow Together” program and yearly Scholarship program, which has been ongoing for 11 years.

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