NAVYZEBRA Total business solution, Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a POS?

POS stands for Point-of-Sale. This is the place where customers will make a transaction in your store. This can refer directly to the software, or the entire system, including cash drawer, receipt printer, and credit card terminal.

2. How can I purchase a product or service?

Contact us at info@navyzebra.com or fill out the form on our site. A sales representative will call you soon to discuss all your business needs and answer any questions you might have about our products and services.

3. Do you have an office in my area?

Check our locations page to see all 15 branch office locations in America. If there is not one nearby, don’t worry! Our business partners are all across the country as well, so you can still do business with us.

4. Do you serve my industry even though it’s not listed?

Sure! Our merchants come from a large variety of industries, from churches to doctor’s offices. If you have a business, give us a call so we can help you find the right solution to fit your business needs.

5. What is NAVYZEBRA?

NAVYZEBRA is a service mark for our products and services. We are proud of our products and want to spread the NAVYZEBRA name around the country.

6. What is BankCard Services?

BankCard Services is our DBA. We are known best for our credit card terminals and processing services, which we have offered for more than 30 years.

7. Why should I buy from NAVYZEBRA?

NAVYZEBRA will always be there for you. No matter what you need, you can always contact our devoted and friendly customer service team 24/7 every day of the year, even holidays. Our team can speak your language! We offer customer support in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean.

8. I’m thinking of applying to your company, why should I choose to work at BankCard Services?

Working at BankCard Services is like coming to see your family every time you walk through our doors. We treat our employees well, with great benefits, and fun activities throughout the year. Once you’re here, you won’t want to leave!

1. How do I know my merchant application was received? What do I do if it was not received?

You should first check to see if you have received confirmation by e-mail. This e-mail confirming the receipt of your application is usually sent out within couple of hours after you submit your application. Should this be missing, you can info@navyzebra.com to follow up on the status of your application.

2. Is my merchant application information secure?

Yes, your application information is encrypted and secure when it is transmitted to us.

3. How long does the merchant application approval process take?

After submission, your application will be reviewed by our credit decision system. If the application is approved or declined, BankCard Services will contact you via e-mail (in most cases, within 24 hours of submission). If additional review of your application is deemed necessary, you will be notified by e-mail to provide additional information to us. You will have up to 10 days to provide this additional information back to us.

4. May I review the merchant application without submitting it for processing?

Yes, you can review each step of the application you filled out by clicking on the Back button on the bottom of each page and on the Edit buttons at the end of the application. You may even run through a practice session – just don’t click on the submit button.

5. What are the Terms and Conditions?

The Terms and Conditions document reviews the regulations set forth by the Visa / MasterCard associations, discusses the banking relationship between the merchant and BankCard Services, and defines your rights as the merchant and the rights of BankCard Services as your credit card processor. It is very important to review and understand these regulations. You will receive another copy of the Terms and Conditions once your application is approved.

6. What information will I need to complete the merchant application?
To complete the merchant application, you will need to have the following information available: General Information: Legal and DBA (Doing Business As) name, Business address, and name and title of legal business signer, Business telephone number, fax number (if applicable), and contact name, Web site name, E-mail address, and Internet site address. Business/Storefront Information: Zoning and physical store location, Type of ownership, state incorporated, and federal tax ID, The date your business began, number of employees, and what your business sells. Sales Data & Business Information: Totals of annual cash and credit card sales, and percentage of credit card sales by mail order, telephone order and in-store purchases, Sales tax percentage, Credit card refund and submission policies, Delivery information. Method of Advertising. Businesses with credit card volume over $150,000 will be required to fax the signed Terms and Conditions agreement, along with additional financial data. Current credit card processing information: Name, address and phone number of current bankcard provider, Merchant number. Business Owner Information: Names, addresses, phone numbers of first/second owner, partner, or officer, Title and social security number of person(s) listed. Banking Reference Information: Bank name and address, Contact name and phone number, Date the banking relationship opened and average daily balance of the account, Total dollar amount of credit available, Total dollar of business and Personal accounts. Funding information: ABA and DDA numbers (have a voided or blank business check available to retrieve this information). Card Type Information: You will (upon approval) be able to offer MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club. If you are a current American Express merchant, please provide your Service Establishment number provided by American Express.
7. Is there a contract to sign?
In order to take advantage of the BankCard Services merchant processing services, you will need to electronically agree (by clicking on the “I Agree” button) to the Terms and Conditions set forth in the Merchant Services Bankcard Agreement.
8. Is there a fee for processing my application?
In order to take advantage of the BankCard Services merchant processing services, you will need to electronically agree (by clicking on the “I Agree” button) to the Terms and Conditions set forth in the Merchant Services Bankcard Agreement.
9. How do I get a merchant account?
The BankCard Services online merchant account application can be accessed from the on-line application section within our web site.
10. Am I required to have a physical storefront to process credit cards with BankCard Services?
Most of our e-commerce applicants have a physical storefront; however, this is not a requirement.
11. I already have a retail merchant account. Why do I need another one?
Visa / MasterCard Card Associations have different criteria for evaluating the potential risk involved in credit card transactions where the card is not physically presented to the merchant. This type of business is typically referred to as “card not present” or “MO/TO” (mail order/telephone order). For this reason, a separate merchant account is needed.
12. What credit card types may I accept?
You will automatically be set up for VISA and MasterCard transactions. You will have the option to also accept American Express/Discover/JCB and Diner’s Club by just clicking on those card types in the merchant application.
13. Will I receive statements from BankCard Services?
Yes. You will receive monthly statements in the mail that gives you to review your daily sales, financial history, and other pertinent account information.
14. How will I get paid for credit card transactions?
Funds are automatically transferred to your business checking account via an electronic Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer eight days after a transaction has been “captured” and settled for payment. For example, credit card transactions submitted on a Monday will be funded the following week on a Tuesday. We have instituted this policy as an additional protection for you and your Internet transaction.
15. What is merchant account processing?
Merchant account processing is the service provided by a bank or a third party processor (Merchant Service Provider), to the merchant that include authorization of credit cards, settlement of funds through the bank associations (MasterCard/Visa), depositing of funds to checking accounts, merchant billing and account activity reporting.